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Home Away from Home: My New Boudoir Pillow Shams

I am so excited to be launching my Boudoir Pillow Shams, I’m releasing four patterns to start, with more to come. These make absolutely wonderful gifts and brighten up any room in an instant. The patterns are original designs created by me in California, and each one is printed by old world artisans in Jaipur, India.

The inspiration for these was drawn from my childhood and beyond: I have actually traveled with a boudoir pillow since I was little! This idea was sparked when my mother first gave me a beautiful floral pillow for my bed: I thought that if I brought it with me when I traveled, I would feel a little bit closer to home. It worked! And I still do it today whenever I globetrot.

Traveling is a huge part of who I am and how I get inspired, so it might be a bit surprising that I’ve always been what you’d call a homebody. I’ll always enjoy my wanderlust, yes – but I love to be home more than anything! Since I started making robes, pajamas and nightshirts, I’ve added these Boudoir Shams to my personal “Feels like Home” kit.

If you don’t already have a favorite boudoir pillow on your bed at home, I highly recommend one!

- Heidi Carey

When I’m out traveling in India or Asia for work, home can seem so far away. After a long day of designing, I love nothing more than coming back to my hotel room to unwind in a hot bath before donning a robe or pair of PJ’s I usually wear at home. Having a small boudoir sham on my hotel bed is the cherry on top: Simply seeing my favorite pillow there gives me a big mood boost and a feeling of security. The pillow packs easily too, though my husband always rolls his eyes when he sees me packing it!

If you don’t already have a favorite boudoir pillow on your bed at home, I highly recommend one! Then sneak it into your bag before your next trip, and place it on your bed once you unpack. Enjoy!

Many more to come,


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