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When everyone wins, great things happen.


Honesty, integrity, and straightforwardness all lead us to being close, and a natural intimacy with my customers is paramount to what I consider success in business. 

A Win-Win For All

I center my business around fairness and a win-win mindset, and I work hard to make sure every sale benefits each person connected to it. It starts with me hand-selecting my own jewels, stones and fabrics from fine artisans around the globe for fair prices – then personally visiting every workshop I partner with to ensure exceptional quality and a healthy work environment.

Better, Not Bigger

I am building my business to get closer to people, not to become bigger. Before fashion became a mass, heavily-scaled retail industry, women bought their clothing and jewelry directly from the designer. Style was personal, custom-made. Designers were close to – not distant from – their customers. It was a relationship. This is what I’m working to build with my customers. 

Keeping things intimate fosters that old-world attitude toward quality, attention to detail, and personal service I greatly value – and feel has been lost in our modern lifestyle. It’s an attitude I infuse into everything I do, from hand-knotting necklaces myself in California, to ensuring no two pieces are exactly the same.

Fair Pricing

Heidi Carey is built on the notion that elevating your look with high-quality handmade accessories shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why you’ll never see a retail markup – and why I only sell directly to customers online and at special events. Beautiful things don’t need to be out of reach.

Always Timeless

Will you wear it next year? In two years? In 30 years? That’s what I am interested in designing and wearing: Your absolute favorite pieces you can wear forever. While I do add seasonal and fresh designs to my line all the time, they must always pass the timeless test. 

What this means is that the pieces I create will often be finite in number. When they sell out, that’s their story. This is a true and honest expression of a designer’s ongoing process and reflects the integrity of the relationship both between myself and my work, and my work and my customers.

Let's Connect

Personal service will be personal: We are online at our store a few hours every day to chat if you have questions, or we can be reached by phone or email. 

If you would like to schedule a consultation, connect with me by emailing, or calling (601) 215-8702.

Welcome to my shop!

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