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The inspiration behind my creations.

Effortless Elegance

It’s my ultimate guide – my north star. Effortless style makes us feel a special way, and I aim to spark those wonderful feelings in my customers with every piece I make. 


This ethos is woven into every creation. Can you wear it for the rest of your life? The answer should always be yes. It’s the essence of what we think of as iconic, proven style. It speaks to both my personal story, and my sense for whether something trending can last.


A true designer must provide something no one else has. My creations reflect a unique eye for fashion, style, and quality. Each piece is inherently irreplicable – an expression no one else can make.

Global Inspiration

I’m always discovering beautiful designs and materials: Wanderlust has brought me into contact with the original and the unknown – with both the great styles of Asia, and the iconic yet ever-evolving fashions of Europe. My travels are the true nourishment for inspiration.

Welcome to my shop!

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Welcome to my shop!

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