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Care Instructions

Wash in cold water on a gentle/delicate cycle with a small load. Hang dry (optimal) or tumble dry on the lowest setting. Lightly iron scalloping to prevent rolling. Use a non-bleach product in small amounts to remove stains, as overuse may cause colors to bleed. 

How to minimize wrinkles: Wash in warm water (not hot) in a small load on the gentle cycle. Remove from the wash as soon as it’s done, and pull the shape inside-out before hanging. Our cotton garments look their best when lightly ironed, especially the scalloping.

A note on wash temperatures. Growing up we were taught you must use hot water to get things clean. By and large, this is no longer true. Modern detergents and machines are designed to be effective with cold water. Coldwater uses less energy (eco-friendly) and reduces the chances of colors running. Coldwater can set wrinkles a bit more, so use warm water (not hot) if that's a worry.

In the event your garment has retained some scent from the dying process, you may add distilled white vinegar to the wash to neutralize the smell. If this is not effective, please contact us and we will exchange it.

About Dry Cleaning: All our cotton garments can be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning after first use can be effective for setting colors. Our products are designed for ease of use so dry cleaning is never required, but optional if you like.

A bit more on stain removal: Bleeding of dye is not a common problem these days. However, it can still happen, especially when washing garments for the first time, if the dye hasn’t had a chance to ‘set’ before washing. The most known culprits are the dark dyes: Black, navy, deep red, deep purple, and dark green.

Using a chlorine-free, oxygen-based stain fighter like OxiClean or Shout in moderation will help remove stains. Overuse of these types of products on stains can cause colors to run. It’s important to treat stains before putting items in the dryer as the heat tends to set stains making them much harder to remove. 

Best Alternative to ironing: We do believe our cotton or linen garments look their best when ironed – especially the scalloping – but we understand many don’t enjoy ironing the same way we do. If ironing is not possible, we recommend getting a handheld steamer to remove wrinkles. Steaming takes just seconds, and every item in your wardrobe will benefit from its use.