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My Jewelry Dilemma | Why I won’t raise prices to prove it’s real

Why I won’t raise prices to prove it’s real 

Price does not always reflect true value. When it comes to jewelry, this is especially true. 

Did you know what a great value your necklace was when you bought it? Of course you did, you’re sharp. Most customers have no idea. That’s been a tricky problem for me – though it’s very good for you. Let me explain.

When I first started my business, most of my clients were friends. I sold my necklaces with as little markup as I could, out of courtesy. As my business began growing and I started selling online, my friends’ prices became everyone’s price. And that became an issue – because new customers weren’t sure if my cabochon stones were real! 

“Raise your prices,” everyone said. “You’ll make more, and customers won’t be confused.” 

Simple? Sure. But simply not possible. I refused to raise prices to prove my jewelry is real, and I have never wavered from my approach. Selecting each cabochon stone, bead, and unique accent by hand – and buying directly from vendors I’ve known for years – is how I can offer such reasonable prices. Add hand knotting, and you have a superlative value.

Here’s exactly how I do it.

Buying Direct: Skipping stones – and keeping the best 


Color, shape and texture are the three most important elements I look for when I buy stones or beads. Years of training my eye to recognize exceptional value pays off when I get to hold each and every piece – imagining its new home on a necklace you’ll love. 

Being a New York native serves me well when negotiating prices: I stand my ground, and have no problem walking away if I think the price is unfairly high. Now, when vendors I trust get a certain stone, they call me directly – and my cost reflects the business relationship we’ve cultivated over the years. 

Much Ado About Knotting

Hand knotting is the essence of my approach. The process is a very traditional technique that’s much more difficult and time-consuming than stringing beads together, one after the other. 

The most challenging aspect is getting the knot snug up against the bead, but it’s worth the focus – the beads will drape much better. It’s a subtle commitment to quality and elegance that shines through, every time you wear it.