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7 Dressing Tips for Your Next Wedding


I love going to weddings. Weddings are the best place to get really dressed up and show your off your style. Weddings are a bit make believe so don’t worry about being overdressed. Have some beautiful earrings or a necklace? Wear them! Have a hat you just bought? Wear it! Unlike other times in your life, at a wedding you can’t be too dressed up. That being said, here are my general rules for wedding dress.

  1. The dress code is given for a reason and the bride and groom want you to abide by it. Whether it’s black-tie, semi-formal or casual, embrace the dress code and let the location of the wedding help inform your decision!..
  2. Never wear white. Wearing white is still considered a wedding faux pas and a guaranteed way to steal the bride’s thunder.
  3. Plan on wearing your statement jewelry. Baroque pearls, semi-precious stones, big all works at a wedding. The bride is wearing a ballgown, not to worry.
  4. Find out what other guests are wearing in advance. It’s the easiest way to avoid showing up in the same dress as another guest. 
  5. Don’t wear anything revealing. It’s a family occasion!
  6. Wear heels! It’s a special day. Better to break them in before so go out on the town once or twice in them before the wedding!
  7. I love wearing hats. Weddings are one of the few places left I feel comfortable wearing a beautiful hat. If the wedding is outdoors you can have it on most of the day. When you do go inside I like to take it off. 

Hope love this blog post, and my dress suggestions! make sure to tag me on Instagram to show me your wedding style!