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My visa got denied twice for Inner Mongolia. I'm still going!

My trip to Mongolia

Good morning ladies,
The past two months have been challenging for me, as I fought to get my visa to visit Inner Mongolia. Both of my initial requests were denied by the government because of past trips to Turkey to source the Turkish tassels we love. But, I am still going to Inner Mongolia. Why? Cashmere.
Cashmere is that important to me.
Cashmere is the foundation for any fall or winter wardrobe and is an important part of my collection. I have been wearing cashmere for almost 40 years for its elegance and warmth. For me, great cashmere is irreplaceable.
Growing up, Scottish cashmere was the gold standard and considered an ultimate luxury, but a lot has changed since we were younger. Today you can buy cashmere anywhere (including Costco), in any style, shape, or thickness—at what cost? Quality.
Over the last two decades, cashmere’s quality has decreased drastically, and only a select few producers still create traditional style cashmere with materials you can trust. This is why I am going halfway around the world to Inner Mongolia. I will be continuing my work with heirloom cashmere producers, who are creating the luxurious cashmere of our youth.
I met these artisans, six months ago, at the Cashmere World Conference in Hong Kong, and since then we have been working on a unique collection of pieces that will launch soon!
I leave this week and hope you will follow my adventure on Instagram.
Big hugs,
If you’re curious about why cashmere’s quality has declined or how you can quickly become cashmere smart, please check out the guide to learn more.