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Jewelry Style Guide

heidi carey style guide
Trying to select the perfect Heidi Carey piece to add to your collection? From a shopisticated look to relaxed, Let Heidi be your personal style guide with these tips.


COLOR - What color(s) are you naturally drawn to? Start and end there. If this is your first Heidi Carey accessory, you want to choose a hue that you feel very comfortable in. Generally, I steer friends away from selecting a shade they don’t naturally gravitate towards, as it will be harder to wear. Your Heidi Carey accessories should be as effortless as they are elegant.

LENGTH - Now that you’ve found several shades that speak to you, let’s focus on length. There are no strict styling guidelines regarding necklace length. Both long and short pieces can be worn during the day or night, with casual or more formal ensembles. It really depends on the necklace and the outfit you pair it with. When choosing the right length for you, consider if longer or shorter lines are more flattering on your figure. Whatever you feel the most confident in will be the perfect pick.

STYLE - Every piece in the Heidi Carey collection has unique characteristics that make up the overall style. When selecting an accessory, consider your personal style and what elements would complement your wardrobe and routine. If you prefer simple, clean lines that are fuss-free, you may be drawn to pendant, strand, or tassel pieces. Lariats and wrap arounds are very versatile and can be worn multiple ways, but require a bit more effort.

MATCH - Pairing your necklace with your wardrobe color palette should be easy and fun! Most Heidi Carey pieces can be worn with almost any shade and tend to complement or contrast. A complementing combination would include colors in the same family, such as brown and green. A contrasting combination would consist of a base color, such as gray, and a hue that really pops, like pink. As I said before, selecting the right accessory really comes down to preference. Pick a shade that makes you happy and have fun playing!


heidi carey style guideUltimately, there is no right or wrong way to shop. Each piece is designed with versatility in mind, ensuring the ability to mix, match, and layer with ease.

Enjoy! Heidi