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Tips for Stylish Dressing: Wearing Bold Accessories with Neutrals

Wearing Neutrals with Bold Accessories

As a second part in our series of style guides to help you express your boldly classic personal style, we’re talking all about letting your accessories be the focal point of your outfit with neutrals.

Adding bold accessories to a neutral outfit makes a big statement without screaming for attention or being too over the top. There’s something decidedly chic about wearing neutrals, whether your outfit centers on blacks, whites, greys, or tans. Adding a bold, colorful necklace to your outfit can transform it from commonplace to something original without being overly eccentric.

Wearing bold accessories with neutrals can either help the necklace blend in, toning down a look, or create contrast to really show off your necklace and catch the eye.

Styling Bold Accessories with Neutrals

Something as a small pop of color to a neutral outfit can create something classic and makes getting dressed simple. Instead of thinking about how to coordinate a number of different colors, you can rely on accessories to give your look a bit of color, not only making it easier to create stylish outfits but also giving your wardrobe a bit more versatility and flexibility.

Ideas for wearing bold necklaces


The trick is to think about the undertones in the piece you’re wearing to find the neutral that will work best with the necklace. For our popular amethyst lariat, our customers love to wear it with neutral tans and whites for a casual summer look reminiscent of lazy summer days but it could easily be worn with blue-toned greys for a transitional outfit in spring or fall.

Effortlessly Bold Style by Absence of Color

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. There’s an old adage about taking off two things before you leave the house for classic style. If you can’t remove items to simplify, try removing color and allow your accessories to be the color focal point of your outfit.

How to wear all white with bold accessories

When you wear mostly neutrals, the eyes are automatically drawn to the most colorful aspects of your outfit, allowing your bold accessories to draw in attention and complete your look.

Make a Personal Color Story

Above all, dressing in colors you love and look great in is most important when it comes to dressing with style. No matter how you’d like to wear your accessories, creating a personal color story can help making wearing big statement necklaces all the more fun. Creating a neutral palette with your clothing and allowing your accessories to create the story is an easy way to make your personal style effortless, timeless, and sophisticated.

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