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Tips for Stylish Dressing: Necklines for Bold Necklaces

How to wear a bold statement necklaceWearing bold necklaces amplifies your personal style once you’re comfortable styling them. A chunky necklace not only sends a message of self-assured confidence but also takes a bit more know-how about what looks good and what you love to wear. But once you’ve figured out a few tricks, it’s an easy and quick way to make a no-fuss statement outfit.

Some of our customers are puzzled at first on how to style their new bold necklaces from the Heidi Carey collection so we wanted to provide some suggestions to try. We believe that style is personal and you can wear your accessories however you like! Hopefully these tips will increase your confidence and make wearing a statement piece easier.

We’re starting a series of posts about how to style bold statement necklaces from Heidi Carey to help you start dreaming up ways you can wear your new accessories and express your unique, classic style.

Go High or Low with Necklines

Wearing bold necklaces starts with figuring out what necklines tend to look best with big pieces. Bigger beads tend to hit your neckline in a different way than more delicate necklaces, making it a bit more of a challenge. However, it’s easy once you know some quick tricks!

Most necklaces in the Heidi Carey Collection tend to pair best with either high necklines that allow the necklace to hang over and act as a canvas for the piece or deep, low necklines for an alluring, dramatic look.

Inspired by the materials during the design process, you’ll usually find a few different necklace styles made of the same materials. Instead of thinking about the materials or colors when pairing with necklines, thinking about the shape can help clarify what look you’re trying to create.

Necklines for Wrap Necklaces

The most versatile style in the collection, wrap necklaces can be worn with almost anything, including collared blouses, high necklines, low necklines, and rounded necklines. Don’t forget you can try different numbers of loops to find the right length for you.

Styling a chunky necklace

Necklines for Long Tassel Necklaces

Only slightly less versatile than a wrap necklace, long tassel necklaces wear well with a variety of necklines but it is important to think about what will be at your waist at the point where the tassel ends. Watch out for tops that in the middle of the tassel and opt for tops that end below the tassel.

 How to wear a long tassel necklace

Necklines for Short Tassel Necklaces

Because of their length, short tassel necklaces more dramatic than their longer counterparts. High necklines with the necklace laid over the top or deep-v and low u-shaped necklines that allow the tassel to hang into decolletage tend to work well.

How to wear a short tassel necklace

Necklines for Large Pendant Necklaces

Big, bold pendants don’t need necklines quite as deep as short tassel necklaces but also work well with high necklines that act as a canvas for the necklace to sit on top of to give the pendant a background. They’re also great to wear peeking out of a collared shirt too.

How to wear large pendant necklace

Necklines for Multi-Strand Necklaces

Most multi-strand necklaces in the collection are short in length and work well with necklines that allow the strands to sit above the neckline or open necklines where the necklace peeks out.

How to style a multistrand necklace


Wearing a Multistrand Necklace

Necklines for Oversized Bead Necklaces

Oversized bead necklaces are a fun statement making piece that wear well with a wide variety of necklines that allow the necklace to be the center of attention, including strapless, rounded, boatneck, strapped, and other similar styles.

How to wear oversized bead necklace

Above All, Make It Personal

No matter how you style your bold necklace, making your outfit a personal style statement is the most important thing to looking chic. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a deep v neckline that suits a short tassel necklace, for instance, you’ll likely look as uncomfortable as you feel.

Instead of feeling stuck by these recommendations take them for what they are—they’re just recommendations! The best way to figure out how to style your new accessories is by doing what you did when you were younger. Experiment, play dress up with your own wardrobe, and try new things. It might surprise you what you end up loving.