Crystal Quartz Choker with Turkish Tassel

Teardrop Crystal Quartz Beaded Choker Necklace

You’ll make a statement like none other with our tassel choker necklace featuring crystal quartz beads. Selected for their clarity, beads in this quartz choker necklace are carved into unique teardrop shapes and then hand-knotted to a red silk cord for a statement making piece. We use a bar end in this necklace to ensure each strand lays flat and tightly without bunching or looking unkept. The necklace features a Byzantine-inspired Turkish tassel that lends a vintage charm to the piece.

  • Teardrop crystal quartz beads selected for clarity
  • Bold and highly decorated dome style Turkish tassel
  • Adjustable clasp to create a choker look
  • Handcrafted and designed in California and shipped from the US

Our crystal quartz choker necklace looks like a vintage treasure that’s just been rediscovered. You’ll find yourself reaching for this piece to add a touch of the dramatic to holiday and party outfits. We love wearing this quartz choker with complementary necklines, deep v-necks or off-shoulder dresses.

* In order to create unique and distinctive pieces, Heidi uses the diverse shapes of natural gems to ensure that no two pieces are exactly the same. As such, each gem in hand-picked and inspected to ensure quality. However, we cannot create exact replications of any piece due to the natural variation of each stone. Additionally, stone cuts and the way they place into a setting can vary.

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