Lariat Red Coral Necklace with Horsehair Tassels

Red Sponge Coral Lariat with Horsehair Tassels

This deeply hued red coral necklace is paired with natural tan horsehair tassels to create an alluring lariat necklace. Red sponge coral tube beads are hand knotted on a silk cord after being attentively selected for quality, color and shape. The horsehair loops are added to the lariat with a final large round red coral bead for an earthy, organic expression of personal style.

  • Dark red coral beads made of red sponge coral
  • Tan horsehair tassels adds a fun swinging embellishment
  • Hand knotted silk cord and can be worn a variety of ways
  • Made and designed in California and shipped from the US

The texture of the red coral tube beads and horsehair tassel add interest to an otherwise characterless ensemble and pairs well with natural fabrics. We love to wear this with spring and summer linens as well as military inspired jackets.

* In order to create unique and distinctive pieces, Heidi uses the diverse shapes of natural gems to ensure that no two pieces are exactly the same. As such, each gem in hand-picked and inspected to ensure quality. However, we cannot create exact replications of any piece due to the natural variation of each stone. Additionally, stone cuts and the way they place into a setting can vary.

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