Long Tassel Necklace with Good Fortune Pendant

Long Good Luck Pendant Necklace with Frosted Quartz

Our double happiness pendant is perfect for joyful moments in your life and celebrating with friends and family. The symbol of a happy marriage and used in decorations for celebrations, the double happiness Chinese character is the feature of our long tassel necklace with a bold, red wooden pendant. We hand select each semi-precious frosted quartz bead and hand knot it on red silk cord. Finished with a red silk tassel, this necklace hangs at the waist.

  • Red wooden double happiness pendant
  • Frosted quartz beads selected for semi-precious quality
  • Hangs at waist on hand-knotted red silk cord
  • Polished and sophisticated red silk tassel
  • Handcrafted and designed in California and shipped from the US

As a symbol of longevity, we love to wear this handcrafted, red statement necklace at holiday celebrations that mark the year end or important celebrations in our lives. Hanging at waist, this piece pairs well with silk blouses and understated dresses to let this red asian-inspired necklace do the talking. Looking for something as bold but shorter? We have a similar double happiness necklace you might prefer.

* In order to create unique and distinctive pieces, Heidi uses the diverse shapes of natural gems to ensure that no two pieces are exactly the same. As such, each gem in hand-picked and inspected to ensure quality. However, we cannot create exact replications of any piece due to the natural variation of each stone. Additionally, stone cuts and the way they place into a setting can vary.

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