Chalcedony Cabochon Teardrops (pearls sold separately)

Show Your Creative Side with Chalcedony Cabochon Teardrops

Chalcedony jewelry lovers will love the delicate blue of our semi-precious cabochon teardrops. Add a touch of dreamy blue to your outfit by pairing these chalcedony teardrops with our interchangeable pearl stud earrings. Convertible pearl studs may be purchased separately.

  • Whimsical blue chalcedony gemstones carved in teardrop shapes
  • 14ct gold mounting
  • Pairs with our convertible pearl studs for a complete earring
  • Made and designed in California and shipped from the US

Reminiscent of the pale summer sky, these chalcedony teardrops are perfect to wear with both summer brights to add a bit of reserve as well as complement lighter, sunwashed hues. Said to boost creativity, chalcedony is considered a sacred stone for its ability to create harmony.

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