Handcrafted jewelry of exceptional quality featuring bold yet classic designs and semi-precious gemstones

Founded in 2016 by luxury fashion jewelry designer Heidi Carey, our classic yet bold jewelry and accessories allow the elegant woman to show off her unique personal taste and character through colorful gemstones and rare beads from around the world. Instantly transform your outfit and create a personal statement with our fine designer jewelry handcrafted in Northern California.

A lifelong enthusiast of the arts, Heidi’s love for design was instilled by her mother, an antique dealer, and her great grandmother, Electra Havemeyer Webb, the pioneering collector of American folk art and Founder of the Shelburne Museum. Heidi started her career as an Accessories Designer at Ralph Lauren where she worked directly for Vera Wang. This experience allowed Heidi to hone her craft and develop her unique aesthetic as a fashion jewelry designer.

Heidi’s experiences have given way to a veritable treasure trove of vibrant pieces and a knack for custom creations. Each design begins as a thought, a sketch or a rough arrangement. Myriads of unique beads and stones are sourced specifically for each vision and finally translated by hand into a wearable works of art. Turkish tassel necklaces are one of the signature features of Heidi’s designs and evoke feelings of a vintage treasure that has just been rediscovered, hearkening back to her childhood influences of antiques and folk art.