Blue Block Print Soft Cotton Robe with Scalloping


Ultra soft cotton blue block print robe with blue scalloping, hand made in Jaipur India. I like a robe with plenty of fabric so it’s comfortable and wraps around a bit. The robe has an interior tie to keep it in place and fitting perfect. Each size has a nice range for your preference. Customers can't believe how soft they are :)

Features wide arms, side pockets, a sash closure with belt loops and two interior ties.  Machine washable.

Petite size: 0-4

Small size: 4-8

Medium size: 8-12+

Hand printed robes can vary slightly in color from the photos online; this is part of the charm. Makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.



* In order to create unique and distinctive pieces, Heidi uses the diverse shapes of natural gems to ensure that no two pieces are exactly the same. As such, each gem in hand-picked and inspected to ensure quality. However, we cannot create exact replications of any piece due to the natural variation of each stone. Additionally, stone cuts and the way they place into a setting can vary.


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