Multi Strand Prehnite Oval Necklace

This gorgeous five strand Prehnite oval necklace is a statement piece if there ever was one. Heads will turn, you will be radiant. 

  • Hand knotted on the finest green silk thread
  • Gold vermeil adjustable clasp. 
  • Designed and made in California

As with all our pieces, we source our semi-precious beads and sell direct to you, like your stylish friend who always has the inside scoop on the best deals. Each bead is selected for coloring and consistency to pair with a confident tan agate oval carved to show off the texture and color of the natural stone.

All necklaces are hand-knotted with the finest silk string. While silk holds color beautifully and has a luxurious and rich look, it will stretch if left hanging for too long. I recommend storing necklaces flat or in the suede bags they come in. Pendants and tassels can be fragile, best not to drop them or get them wet.

Necklace Sizing Chart


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