Lapis Cabochon Teardrops

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Lapis has always been one of the most sought after gemstones in human history. It might be because the deep royal blue of lapis reminds us of our inner power or possibly just be because the color is irresistible. Add this mainstay deep blue to your jewelry collection for a versatile gemstone drop that pairs with a wide array of outfits. I love to wear these to dress up a casual outfit with deconstructed jeans or to complement an arresting evening style.

  • 18mm x 25mm cabochon teardrops
  • Lapis gemstones of semi-precious quality
  • Set in 14kt gold
  • Hand selected for color
  • Pairs with our pearl studs 
  • Made and designed in California 
  • Pearl or chalcedony studs sold separately

  • A dash of regal blue with lapis teardrops, King Tut is surrounded by Lapis in his tomb to help him appear truthful and virtuous. Wearing Lapis will connect you with your inner Queen and help you radiate your royal virtues. Every occasion is a good occasion to wear Lapis and shine your royal shine.

    • Helps With - truth, virtue, royal virtues
    • Earth Element - wind 
    • Body Element - breath
    • Chakras - third eye, throat (5th)


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