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Cashmere Reversible Stone and Beige Coat
Cashmere Reversible Stone and Beige Coat
Cashmere Reversible Stone and Beige Coat

Cashmere Reversible Stone and Beige Coat

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A contrast between feminine proportions and a classic coat that defines the style of the pure cashmere, soft and cozy. The two sided sweater coat is also reversible with two distinct colors that double your ability to match it with each day’s color palette. 
  • Stone and Beige colorway
  • 100% cashmere
  • Fully reversible 
  • Outside pockets on both sides
  • Long sleeves
  • 12 gauge cashmere 
  • Weighs 640 grams 
This traditional style cashmere is manufactured to bring out the natural fibers refined qualities that make the coat durable and ultra soft. The garment maintains a tight knit and balanced weight to offer the right amount of protection from pilling and shape loss.
Dry clean only. 
  • Extra Small: 0-2
  • Small: 4-6
  • Medium: 8-10
  • Large: 12-14
  • Extra Large: 16-18

We recommend machine or hand washing. Turn your cashmere inside out before washing, use the gentlest possible cycle and add a detergent that rinses clean and does not contain any dyes. Cashmere is quite delicate, and hand washing helps prevent damage. Mix a mild detergent or a baby shampoo with cool or lukewarm water, and let your sweater soak for about five minutes before rinsing clean. To dry, lay the wet cashmere on a towel on a flat surface. Don’t wring it out—that can cause the fibers to stretch. Instead, carefully roll up the towel and cashmere item together (like a jelly roll), starting from the end closest to you. This will gently squeeze out any excess water.

Unroll the towel and lift the item off, carefully bringing it back to its original shape. Lay it flat on another dry towel to let it air dry completely.