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June 19, 2019 2 Comments

Each season I create products focused on classic style and effortless elegance. My earring line keeps this promise with the added benefit of flexibility (no yoga required).

My earrings are uniquely designed with versatility in mind. Each set of studs and drops are interchangeable, giving you the ability to mix and match to your hearts delight!

The key to the system is a clever setting on the studs that I call a mousetrap. The mousetrap design allows the drops to be quickly connected to the studs and changed with ease. Additionally, the drops can also be worn alone when attached to a simple gold loop. The system allows you to wear each set in three different fashions, enabling countless variations. Brilliant! (See video demo here).

I created my earring system with a man I’ll call David—a famously talented goldsmith I was luckily introduced to a few years back. (See blog post on David here). We created this interchangeable feature to enable you to expand your collection, while also giving you more possible combinations with the pieces you already own. Looking elegant has never been this effortless.

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November 06, 2019

Heidi, love the earrings. Are you coming to Fishers Island this year? If so, when? Interested in the rhodochrosite and would like to see how big they are on a model…

Cindy Walker
Cindy Walker

November 06, 2019

How lucky it was to have met you at the Wayside Event in Delray Beach. I was assigned to wear your fabulous
necklaces and chose the long buffalo bone with tethers. It looked very well with my navy and white T.
Cannot wait to see your earrings…Congratulations on following a dream!!!

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